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Help Wanted: Rambo First Blood Extended Edition(EE) , The Goonies Extended TV (composite edition) , Reservoir Dogs EE - Please Help
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10-Feb-2021, 3:21 AM

I’d like a fan edit of just First Blood (the first movie)

Something like this guy tried to do: http://firstbloodfaneditversion.blogspot.com/

There were more deleted scenes in First Blood than the DVD knew about. You can find them on YouTube, here’s one guy who has them: https://www.youtube.com/user/christhegeek517

I also heard online of a scene involving Rambo at a dinner and getting hassled until they tell him to leave. It maybe fake, but I don’t know someone from Europe said it was true. Either way, I prefer to leave no scene out.

If anyone is interested in a proper First Blood (the first movie), please reply.