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Info: Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features
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9-Feb-2021, 4:18 PM

MANY years ago – he mentioned on the first page of this topic – Doctor M did a Restored Theatrical Version of The Little Mermaid by pairing the video from the 2006 DVD with the audio from the 1999 DVD. He was that impressed with what Disney did to the audio with the 2006 two-disc release that he decided to remake their disc as something better.

As someone who adores The Little Mermaid, but whose ears aren’t near what they could be, I’m curious what the audiophiles of OT think of the soundtracks on the Blu-ray and 4K discs that followed in 2013 and 2019, and how they compare to the DVDs. I’ve trolled this thread for quite a few years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the question raised.

If it has then, of course, my apologies.