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Fantasia (a WIP)
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9-Feb-2021, 11:36 AM

UncutIsSuperior said:

SkinnyV said:

While we are waiting for the ultimate version, I worked on it for the past two weeks or so and have made my own restoration of the 1990 CAV LaserDisc version of Fantasia for those that are interested. This obviously won’t beat what poita is working on, but should be pretty decent to have while waiting. Its funny how we went for years without much for Fantasia restoration, and suddenly have two released on the same week almost at the same time lol

Nice. I was going to make an uncensored version of that same version, using the 1991 VHS version of the movie.

No need for that since we have the laserdisc. At this point people should work uncensoring the blu ray or getting a 35mm scan.

The blu ray footage edited to fix censorship and made to fit the audio tracks of the version I released would be a good project someone can work on now. Then people can have a choice between the laserdisc image and the HD blu ray one while still retaining full video, original audio, and Deems Taylor’s voice.