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The Criterion Collection Thread
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7-Feb-2021, 4:31 AM

Stardust1138 said:

Adding The Tree of Life by Terrence Malick and The Red Shoes by Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger!

I am glad to see you watched and had such an experience with Solaris, LeparMessiah117. I’ll be curious to see how it goes on your second viewing.

I don’t have a subscription to the Criterion Channel but I know there’s some great films on offer. Recently they added Bertrand Tavernier who I’d really like to get into as their trailer looked very intriguing and lovely. I’m not sure I recall your opinion on The Last Jedi but there’s also an interview on there where Rian Johnson talks about his favourite films in the Collection with Alicia Malone.

Yes, Solaris is one of those films I refuse to give my full thoughts on until the 2nd viewing. Now some time later, even though so much of the film sticks out vividly in my mind, it deserves secondary analysis in order to form a fully realized assessment of my feelings on the film. But I’m saving that for blu-ray so I have bonus materials. I’m very much looking forward to Stalker now that I have the channel.

And yes, I rather like The Last Jedi and the films of Rian Johnson. Is that interview a part of the same series where filmmakers talk about Criterion films and going through a closet of Criterion blu-rays? I saw one of those with Terry Gilliam a while back. I know Criterion puts out alot of filmmaker interview footage on Youtube and such, so maybe/maybe not.