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Help Wanted: PolyGram Films (1997-1999) Logo Restoration
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5-Feb-2021, 11:31 AM

Jonno said:

Well, there are people who could do the 35mm scanning for you, so I guess it’s just a case of you buying that print and sending it to one of them - assuming it’s worth USD300 to you.

You might do better to find a 35mm trailer from that period, e.g.

That’s just the thing; I don’t own a 35mm telecine scanner considering its highly expensive cost of around $30,000. And since I’m low short on cash, I don’t consider buying either that or the 35mm reel anytime soon. Plus, that suggestion you made about scanning the logo off a 35mm trailer reel from that time period is just a cut half of it at the beginning.

If anyone else seems to care about scanning the opening logos off a 35mm print of an otherwise “childish” kids film at a reasonable high cost, we’ll see how they’ll consider in the long run. But for now, in a few months after my birthday, I’ll be going back to enhance the logo with Topaz Video Enhance AI when I upgrade my operating system to Windows 10.