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Star Wars - Ashes of the Empire (a WIP)
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4-Feb-2021, 7:02 PM

I really love the look of this thing so far, man. Definitely shoot me a link to the work print when you get draft 2 done.

This is an idea I’ve had for a while that probably won’t fit here, but figured I’d mention it anyway.

Basically, use establishing shots from TROS to suggest that Kylo hangs out on the DS2 wreck. In other words, replace the Star Destroyer passing Starkiller shot in your preview with a shot of the wreck from across the ocean. And then cut inside to Kylo’s pain which we can assume is his lair aboard.

It’s fanservice-y but…
(a) that matches Kylo’s headspace thematically — obsessed with the past…
(b) it’s the last place we saw Vader’s helmet in the OT (in the same system, at least) and finally…
© would allow you to include the TROS vision of Han.

I picture that scene either just before or just after Broom Boy. Kylo is down and out after the battle of Crait. He’s disillusioned and conflicted so he retreats to his previously established lair and sees the vision of his father. Of course you’d have to cut references to Leia being gone (I think that would be pretty easy). And end the scene as he throws his lightsaber into the ocean.

Otherwise the Han Solo thread is a little unresolved, no? I think it might feel strange for Han to appear only in brief glimpses and not have at least one scene.

Definitely radical and would potentially mess with the flow of the ending but just wanted to throw it out there. The pros are that it would give Harrison Ford a little more screen time and a give even more closure to the story (though I’ve always liked the optimistic open-endedness that TLJ has).

Looking forward to this!

Edit: just read an earlier post of yours mentioning that you wanted to end with Kylo as the Supreme Leader. So maybe this is an idea for a different edit!