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4-Feb-2021, 10:09 AM

jedi_bendu said:

He had an impressive first few days, he’s even out-progressived Justin Trudeau by suspending US arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and hopefully our government here in the UK will feel enough pressure to follow suit on things like that. This backtracking on the $2000 stimulus checks is disappointing, but I fully expected scenarios like this to happen, and fully expected that once Biden was in office there’d be a lot of campaigning, and twitter hashtagging, and online bullying the US President in order to achieve progressive change.

So far Biden’s been better than I expected honestly - with more executive orders than Clinton, Bush or Obama signed in their first fortnight, he did more good for America in one day than Trump did in four years. As a leftist, I’m just glad to have a president with whom the American left might have some chance of being listened to.

His decision about Keystone XL wasn’t very progressive though… It just means more oil being transported in environmentally destructive ways and from countries with no environmental standards.

I think some of his other policies are awful too, but for the sake of sparing this thread the fate of the politics thread, I’ll try to avoid stirring the pot too much.