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2-Feb-2021, 3:37 AM

Okay, I have a few more:

The ewoks are great.

Count Dooku should have been simply a renegade Jedi, not a Sith, and had the potential to be one of the most nuanced characters in the whole saga if he’d just been written slightly differently. Darth Maul also should not have been made a full Sith, and should have just remained a minor side antagonist who gets killed.

Despite seeming repetitive from an out-of-universe perspective, the construction of a second Death Star makes perfect sense in-universe.

Luke in TLJ and Luke in his most recent appearance both get the character wrong in different ways. The recent Luke is basically an immaculate, airbrushed depiction of how fans remember Luke from RotJ. He doesn’t seem like a real person anymore. TLJ tries to go in the opposite direction by taking Luke down a notch and humanizing him, but goes too far and turns him into a horrible person. Luke in RotJ was the perfect balance for his character. He acts stoic and composed toward his enemies, but is warm and relaxed with his friends. The claim that RotJ Luke was too monk-like and emotionally distant is incorrect.

Star Wars would be better off being laid to rest as a film/TV franchise. The original essence of the series has only gotten more and more diluted over time, and the continuous milking of the franchise for the foreseeable future is not cause for celebration to me.