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A Machete Order Prequel edit - (parts of) all 3 movies down to 1 (Released)
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26-Jan-2021, 3:29 PM

Got to watch this recently and really enjoyed it. It could become my go-to for the Prequels except for one scene which really ruins the continuity for me.

TriggeredPuppy said:
… I got rid of Tatooine completely.

Not quite! 😉

When Obiwan contacts Anakin to rebroadcast his message to the Jedi Council, the sequence of shots introduces the following issues while maintaining that Anakin is on Naboo with Padme:

  1. Anakin and Padme are inside her starship. Why would they be in her ship if they’re still on Naboo?
  2. The stark landscape through the windows is clearly not Naboo.
  3. When they go rescue Obiwan, the ship flies out of a cliffside hangar, even though we just saw a vast empty landscape through the windows mere seconds earlier.

I understand why the problematic Tatooine shot was included, but if there’s ever another cut of this film made, I’d strongly suggest removing that shot from this scene, even if you have to just imply that Anakin and Padme see the transmission.

I think it could work to just omit shots of the couple and focus on Obiwan’s message, then cut to the shot of the Nubian Cruiser leaving the Naboo hangar. This would create some implications for the viewer to follow; firstly, that Anakin saw the transmission and secondly, that he rushed to his Master’s rescue. I don’t think these are too obscure or hard to follow for most viewers.

That scene aside, this was a great cut of the Prequels. Thanks for making it!