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The Criterion Collection Thread
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25-Jan-2021, 1:37 AM

I finally got a subscription to the Criterion Channel (an annual membership) and needless to say, the library of films featured with the service is staggering. I hardly know where to begin! The films I’ve viewed so far in the few days that I’ve had it are:

Lolita - directed by Stanley Kubrick
Once Upon a Time In the West - directed by Sergio Leone
The Quiet Family - directed by Kim Jee-woon
Vernon, Florida - directed by Errol Morris
The Picture of Dorian Gray - directed by Albert Lewin

May be a longshot (and I intend to search the internet for other possible sources) but if anybody here also happens to have the service, I’d appreciate recommendations for more films.

My current plan is to first view films that I already had heard of and had previous interest in seeing and also to go though the featured films that are also a part of the Criterion Collection’s current catalogue of blu-ray releases so I may decide if I like any films enough that I’d want the full experience that comes with owning the film’s Criterion blu-ray release.

And I’d definitely recommend checking the channel out to any film buff for sure (not a shill, lol), it seems as though there’s plenty of variety to accommodate anybody’s taste in movies.