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Help Wanted: PolyGram Films (1997-1999) Logo Restoration
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24-Jan-2021, 9:52 PM
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4-Feb-2021, 6:27 PM
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Anyone who grew up with late-90’s films released by the now-folded PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, is certainly familiar when a film opens with the well-known Icarus/Crystal Winged Man logo from 1997-1999. Despite its short life-span, it impressed a lot of audiences at the time with its gorgeous atmosphere, (dated, but) innovative CGI, and the way the caricature of Icarus (from the Greek fable) was modeled after the “Speed” sculpture by Harriet Whitney Frishmuth.

In recent years however, Universal Pictures licensed most of the PolyGram library (that originally contained that logo), and the current prints (with the exception of 1997’s The Game; though only using the early prototype) plaster the Icarus logo with the 1997 Universal logo.

There are times when some obscure production logos need to be preserved for new generations of film buffs who grew up seeing them before starting a film; and this one is no exception. Since Universal would not even bother restoring the 1997 PolyGram logo for their recent Blu-ray releases, this is where we decide to take matters into our own hands and save this logo from its long abandonment.

The goal for this thread is to help preserve/restore one of two variants of the logo in a decent 4K scan; either the standard variant with the “Filmed Entertainment” text, or the US variant with the “Films” text. My money’s on the second choice, BTW. And if you are aware of preserving some 35mm prints of PolyGram’s film library (i.e. the US print of 1997’s The Borrowers), PM your response of the 35mm scan in the reply box.

Thank you and good luck!