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Anyone else dislike Rogue One? I feel like the only person.
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21-Jan-2021, 10:46 PM

I only watch the Battle of Scarif. I find the rest too dull to sit through.

I think the problem is the dull characters. Each has an interesting backstory that should make for an interesting character but watching them interact they all looked so bored. Cassian says he’s been in this fight since he was 6 but we don’t learn why. What motivates him to push further and further towards grey morality, in essence becoming as bad as the Empire to fight the Empire? That should be interesting but it’s never explored.

Same for the “Gun Guy” and the “Force Guy” (yes, I’ve forgotten their names). They say in passing they once thought similarly but have since drifted in beliefs. What motivated that and how will they reconcile? Never explored, instead they just offer Jyn weird advice.

Or how about the Pilot? The Pilot is just a walking plot device. He has no characterization other than knowing Imperial stuff. We never learn why he defected or what he believes in, he is just with Galen for whatever reason and knows the tech stuff.

As a result, I prefer watching the first half of TROS over R1. Yeah, the story is terrible but there’s something fun about the ST’s characters. I’d watch them together in any scenario. I can’t say the same about R1 unfortunately. I’m supposed to feel something for these characters when they’re systematically killed off, but the only death I cared about was the droid.