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Terminator 2 Extreme Edition: HD WMV - info wanted
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21-Jan-2021, 12:58 PM
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21-Jan-2021, 7:47 PM
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I recently discovered that a 2003 DVD release of T2 included a bonus disc with an HD version of the film for playback on PCs. It was in an encrypted WMV container, and using Windows Media Player it would pull down a 7 day decryption key for playback. From what I’ve gathered it was possible to use that temporary key to completely remove the DRM from the files back then, but now the server is no longer available so that method is no longer usable.
I’ve acquired the encrypted WMVs, and I’ve been trying to decrypt them for the past few days. Does anyone have any insight for how to achieve this? Or maybe somebody has an archive of already decrypted files?
Every HD release of T2 has been notably flawed in one way or another, so I’m very interested to see how this version stacks up. It’s also possible that the audio and/or video can help in any current or future fan restorations. Either way I’d say it’s important to preserve and archive this version of the film, especially if future releases continue to disappoint.