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Labyrinth of Evil: The Canon Edit - a novel fanedit (Released)
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19-Jan-2021, 3:34 AM

Lately I ve been rereading The Hand of Thrawn books, and I think it could be simply and smoothly edited into new films timeline. After first few chapters those are my observations:
-changing 19ABY into, lets say, 14ABY.five years is long enough, and then the events of the TT seems more recent.
-changing Solo children into one Ben Solo (minor character anyway)
-removing references to reborned Palpatine.
-fixing some minor continuity issues
-maybe add some minor easter eggs (ST/ new canon names for eg) here and there.

Quick question. I wanted ask about the fanedit antipirate policy that is applied in this case.
If I owe an original book im English, it os okay to obtain a fanedit of this book in the same language in ebook format? Or look for the ebook veraion of it here?