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18-Jan-2021, 8:57 PM

jedi_bendu said:

ThisIsCreation said:

The issues with dialogue from the prequels is evident in ROTJ. There are lines in ROTJ that sound like something from AOTC.

What lines are you thinking of, out of curiosity?

Han’s line when he comes out of carbonite:

  • Luke? A Jedi? I’m out of it for a little while and everybody gets delusions of grandeur.

That sounds like dialogue straight out of the mouth of attack of the clones Obi-Wan. you can even hear it in obi-wans voices as you read it lol.

Leia’s delivery of this line:

  • No! Luke, run away, far away! If he can feel your presence, then leave this place!.

I love melodramatic star wars, and this line sounds like it comes out of the mouth of Padme. Leia normally spoke like an actual person, but this whole line & the way she says it feels so out of character.

Once Leia’s hair is let down on Endor, Carrie’s performance is so weird in hindsight.