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STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker (Anti-Cringe Cut) (Released)
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17-Jan-2021, 5:51 PM
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19-Jan-2021, 10:15 AM
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Just watched this. It was really good! Your edit was really ambitious, and I think largely it really worked! I love the missing cringe, and it really makes the experience closer to what the finale to the sequels should be in my mind.

Couple thoughts/observations:

  1. It was confusing why Rey went back to Luke’s island after Endor. And just how she found Exagol after.

  2. Great job reviving Luke from the dead, I know that was a hard job to do. his coloring is mostly great. to be honest, He still looks like a force ghost, it read a little weird, but I feel like you can still see through him, and a little wispy around the edges at moments. Some cinder sparks kind of flying off him at one moment I wonder if those could be roto’d out.

  3. At the end, Luke collapses, and so does Leia, which is super weird to me… I have no idea why Luke just died. And the blanket falling I guess was leia, but why? So I went to your notes to get answers, and I see that Leia laying dead on a slab basically joins with the force when Luke does… ok. Would have helped to show dead Leia laying on the slab without the blanket at some point in the movie (maybe I just missed it!?). Again, strange that Luke died… I had the same (why???) feeling as I did watching the original EP8. However… seeing them as force ghosts in the Tatooine desert before Rey calls herself Skywalker, was actually really cool! So I like where it was headed. Just got there in a jarring way maybe.

  4. Killing kylo early and removing from the end scene… wow. Great stuff. I wonder if he needs to be more of a force ghost with Han? Color him blue more?

  5. No one cares if 3po remembers his past. It totally works. So funny to realize that. Changes nothing. Love it. Haha

  6. I wonder if it’d just be a smoother edit to NOT have luke die, dont show force ghosts to Rey on Tatooine, and rename the film to Rise of the Jedi… 😃 One of the cringe things to me in the original movie was “My name is Skywalker”… But for sure your edit made that actually impactful, so maybe it’s ok/better the way you did this, even if it’s still awkward to have Luke die. Normally would be a major event, but he just sort of collapses for no reason, no “disturbance in the force” felt by anyone, nothing.