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A question: The accurate frame rate of Sequels, Anthologies and Series?
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17-Jan-2021, 2:53 PM

My mistake, I meant it’s not a natural number, I was never taught mathematical names during my english classes, which is not a native language for me.

Exactly, so it’s not a native framerate. Some people say that 24 to 25 is insignifficant, while some claim they can hear the differance.
Reencoding audio is always nessesary when speeding up, or down material…

Well, let’s try to bully some directors, or people that mastered the BD materials.

Either way, if I put 23,976 in VEGAS it will still properly convert it to 25fps without changing speed and without resampling frames, if I force that option, so that would probably do pulldown, I don’t know however if it would be frame based, or field based, though it might depend on output settings, to record on VHS I need a DV master.