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STAR WARS: Last Jedi (The Anti-Cringe-Cut) (Released)
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17-Jan-2021, 3:00 AM
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17-Jan-2021, 3:03 AM
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Loved this edit DonKamino. Nice work. It really made Luke understandable. I also loved what you did with Poe and the admiral. Loved being rid of the silly jokes, and removing Rose for the most part (like the anti cheese edit did for jar jar). The movie feels tight, and I was able to take every character more seriously, I felt immersed.

And omg, I love that Luke lives at the end. So good. So right.

My only apprehensions were once done,

  1. I guess I missed the military industrial complex from the casino world, i Kind of loved that idea that wealth was made off both sides in the wars… but totally understand needing to cut rose there. And also the reference to where the rebellion would spring from, was kind of cool. I wonder if there is a minimal way to edit the casino scene to keep these two ideas. But it’s be tough explaining why rose is there. But of course, if you didn’t know this scene was there, … what you’ve done holds up nicely!

  2. Leia… sad to have her die and not see her in 9… I’ll miss that in your next anti cringe edit. agreed, flying through space is best avoided. Major cringe

I did imagine a “right way” for Luke to die, and that’d be if he really visited that world in person, and when Kylo struck him, if he had crumpled like Vader did to Obiwan… could have worked, but would need some video manipulation to make that happen and then the resulting edits may have cut the movie weirdly short, idk…

Nice job on this!