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Alvin and the Chipmunks (1983 - 1989) Complete Series Preservation (Released)
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17-Jan-2021, 1:37 AM

To those who already got links and are downloading episodes, this week I had to fix a few minor issues with episodes.

s06 - Alvin’s Obsession + Alvin’s Not So Super Hero: Second segment had a splice where I forgot to apply color correction so the colors shifted for a few seconds; I’ve now fixed this. Also did some volume equalization I didn’t do back in 2019 (this was one of the first episodes I worked on).

S07 - Home Sweet Home + All Worked Up: My source for this ep was a shoddy UK VHS transfer that had gone through a few conversions and wasn’t great because of it. Figured there wasn’t much I could do when I got to it, so I left it untouched. Discovered recently that the original file was missing end credits so I went in this week to add those, and ended up touching up the video and audio a bit.

S07 - Alvin in Neverland: Vegas had a weird rendering issue in where the credits were placed, so they started abruptly, slashing the last second off the episode; I’ve fixed this.

S08 - Batmunk, Star Wreck, Funny We Shrunk the Adults: These were DVD rips simply lacking credits; I’ve attached them.

I’ve uploaded the new versions so feel free to redownload 😃

I’ve also been considering working on an extras folder, with all the random goodies I’ve compiled the past year or two working on this. Nothing too major, not sure if there’d be any interest.

I’d also eventually like to pick up any s08 episodes released officially on VHS (Funny We Shrunk the Adults, Daytona Jones, Star Wreck) and splice in the VHS audio; for whatever reason, the DVD masters use a very compressed down audio track, nearly mono I own the Batmunk and Back to Alvin’s Future videos and the stereo sound is far more open; however, that’s more of a nitpicky side thing I’ll get to down the road. As is, they sound perfectly fine.