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Song Of The South - many projects, much info & discussion thread (Released)
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13-Jan-2021, 9:25 PM
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14-Jan-2021, 8:31 AM
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macesmajored said:

Is there a link to an workprint or working render of this? I’d love to take a look if someone can drop me a PM. (Bit confused by “Released” in the thread title because some of the most recent posts make this sound unreleased)

(EDIT) Just trying to bump this up again if anyone has a link, very curious to take a look at this!

The thread has ‘Released’ in the title as there have been a few releases of various ‘Song Of The South’ projects in this thread since 2006 (there are 4/5 main project releases discussed in the first 15 pages alone).

Though I’ll edit the thread title to reflect there are many projects discussed in here (many of which were released).

Yoshikiller25 and a few others are apparently still working on their project - and hopefully that will be released soon too. 👍

Anyone asking for links should likely state which project release they wish to acquire - to help avoid any confusion 😃