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The Clone Wars: Refocused - A complete series edit. [SEASON THREE COMPLETE!]
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13-Jan-2021, 6:07 PM
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13-Jan-2021, 6:10 PM
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Small addition

Okay here’s my thoughts on the two episodes below. Other than the things mentioned, I didn’t notice anything that felt out of place. However, I haven’t seen these episodes in a long time, so I probably don’t notice what was cut/trimmed or added.

Thoughts about THE NEW PADAWAN:

  • The Maul cold open works in terms of adding Maul’s presence early on, but as has been mentioned above, I think it would work better as a end of season teaser. That way Death Watch has already been introduced and people know that nothing good will come of them finding Maul.
  • 7:56-8:00, the audio transition between Yularen and Master Yoda’s communication and the following battle has a drop in volume, making it feel like something is missing until the battle comes in at full volume. I think if the blaster fire faded in a couple seconds sooner, and the music increased more gradually, like a steep curve, towards the trumpet fanfare at 8:00, the transition would feel better. Just a thought.
  • The exchange with Bail at the end still felt unnatural to me, but I think the idea is sound. The lighting is what seemed off to me most; the shots that focus on Bail and Anakin shaking his head seem like they’re night shots instead of day shots. I’m not sure if that is fixable at all, but if the lighting was similar, I think it would feel more natural.

Thoughts about CLOAK OF DARKNESS

  • In the intro text, I was momentarily confused with the line “He has delivered her to master LUMINARA UNDULI, to help her…” I read it initially as “Ahsoka would master some skill”, instead of her being delivered/tasked to help Master Luminara Unduli. I think capitalizing Master would alleviate this or adding the word Jedi before master, but if you’re going for a stylistic element like you are with the word “padawan”, I can understand that.
  • I also don’t love the idea that Anakin simply pawns her off right away. I think if you worded it like “Seeking to teach his new padawan patience, he tasks her with helping Master LUMINARA UNDULI” or something like that. That way it would convey the idea that Anakin just wants his padawan to learn from different perspectives. But if that isn’t what you’re going for no worries. Just an opinion!

Overall, I really liked the episodes and how they felt as parts of the larger TCW: Refocused series. The intro and outro music is phenomenal, and I can’t wait to watch Malevolence later tonight!