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My Star Wars Saga Episodes 1-6 Edits (2/6 available) (WIP)
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13-Jan-2021, 12:56 AM
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TestingOutTheTest said:

You said it yourself, that Luke isn’t as powerful as the prequel-era Jedi.

Haha, you got me. Good point. I still feel like he could use some more training to be honest. I just find it jarring seeing Yoda begging for Luke to stay and then when he comes back he just says “No more training do you require.”

I have been thinking of doing the idea in which the rescue of Han Solo taking place almost immediately after ESB and then Luke returns to Dagobah for a year or so. That way the original structure is retained, though Vader arriving at the Death Star would have to be moved to later.

TestingOutTheTest said:

Also, regarding scenes you want such as the canon comics version of Vader’s “No!”, I suggested in Hal’s thread for TRoS that they create new scenes or stuff like Adywan did with the OT; however this should require collaboration, since I don’t think you have enough resources for new scenes matching the quality of the PT and OT, respectively.

One idea I have is using the Unity game engine, I recall it being used to animate 99% of every scene in the recent live-action remake of The Lion King.

That would be really awesome, but you’re absolutely right about me requiring collaboration. It would probably even need somewhat of a budget. I’d need a Darth Vader suit similar to the one in ROTS (I really do want to cosplay as Darth Vader anyway), someone to play Sidious who’s willing to wear make-up that looks exactly like his appearance in ROTS and do a stunt in which they get slammed against a wall, and a CG environment that looks exactly like the room in ROTS. Unless you’re suggesting the characters also be CG, in which case I guess that could be tried out but I’m not sure how that would look compared to the rest of the film.

Star Wars Theory seems like the perfect guy to collaborate with since he did a Vader fan-film with a Vader suit and worked with a pretty good Palpatine actor. FXItInPost would also probably be able to pull it off (I feel like SC 38 is proof of it). But the chances of me getting in contact with either of them, let alone collaborating, are slimmer then a dime.

If I were able to pull this off though, that means I could also definitely pull off a scene of Vader visiting Padme’s grave too, which would be great for my ROTJ.

If anyone’s willing to help, I’d love it. Bringing even just one part of the Darth Vader comic is the stuff of my dreams.