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Chase Adams
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The Clone Wars: Refocused - A new holistic approach inspired by the Mandalorian [FOUR EPISODES RELEASED]
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12-Jan-2021, 6:22 AM
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12-Jan-2021, 6:23 AM
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RogueLeader said:

I also noticed the whole Bail moment at the end as well. I wonder if that shot of Bail could be color-graded to better match the rest of the scene? And yeah, if a different effect could be used on that Anakin shot to slow it down, perhaps optical flow in Premiere, or maybe if could be played with in After Effects, could make the slow motion less noticeable. I understand why you’ve added this moment, though, since otherwise we get no resolution from Bail.

The Bail moment is understandably, very tricky. I have no idea how to make it convincing though. On the subject, I wonder if any more content from Cat and Mouse is salvageable, I really like the whole Trench and Yularen subplot. He’s one of the few constantly threatening villains in Season 1 and 2 that is actually able to prove themselves. Plus, he does make a return later down the track. It would be nice to give him the proper setup. By the way, PM sent EddieDean!

Also RogueLeader, ‘Chade’ 😄