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Chase Adams
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The Clone Wars: Refocused - A new holistic approach inspired by the Mandalorian [FOUR EPISODES RELEASED]
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12-Jan-2021, 5:36 AM
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12-Jan-2021, 5:37 AM
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Chase Adams
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After finishing work and sitting down to watch all four episodes, I have some notes I made throughout I’d like to share!

I am aware that many of these points will have been raised before, but I just wanted to throw out a whole bunch of random thoughts I had about the episodes.


The use of the very ‘Burying the Dead’ sounding Samuel Kim music in the opening titles - Whilst this is fantastically fitting music that ends up actually working perfectly with the custom opening, I can’t help but think that the use of such a unique sounding piece made famous by it’s inclusion in the series’ final scene may actually take away from the beauty/specialness of that moment. I dunno, maybe it’s just me but I would much prefer to preserve that music for such an emotional climax to the show.

I also would strongly recommend that you use four fullstops at the end of the blue text. This will better match the ALTAIAGFFA text and the opening crawl texts in the saga films. 😉

I love the idea of occasionally including cold opens for some episodes, I hope you can end up pursuing this.

I wonder if anything can be done to better bleed the opening titles music into each of the first scenes. The music to music audio transitions of the opening scenes seemed to be a recurring issue.


In the cold open when Pre Vizsla says the line “What are you?” There seems to be some remaining background noise layered into it. It was a little jarring on first watch.

It seemed odd to me that our first shot of space was an abrupt cut to mid laser-fire between ships. Is there a better way to bridge this with any additional shots?

Not an issue at all on your part, so no offence intended, but I really dislike the bizarre moment during the lightsaber battle when Asajj tricks Obi and Ani into falling through the floor. It just feels pointless and staged and serves almost zero purpose to the duel and her escape. The entire confrontation would be tightened and generally benefited by its exclusion. Again, just my opinion.

There was a very weird audio issue during the added Bail Organa message to Obi-Wan when the hologram voice effect disappears for a sentence or two. The same thing happens later when Obi-Wan is talking to Anakin, but this time it’s an inconsistent comlink voice effect. I would be more than happy to help fix this if I was provided with the right files.

There’s a rogue frame right after Obi-Wan says “The show is about to begin”

Right after Admiral Yularen speak to Yoda about taking a ship, the audio becomes very quite for a second, then the audio transition gets just a little messy.

The Bail thank you moment at the end still seems a just a bit too awkward, I understand this has been discussed, but the way it stands now may need some work. Also worth noting is that the way the shots are edited after he talks to Anakin make it clear that he’s not actually there with them.


After Anakin says “Sounds romantic” the door closes and strangely it makes no sound at all even though every other door does.

I have more but I’ll need to double check some things first.


Unpopular opinion alert!
I strongly believe that this episode should just be excluded altogether, it has very, very few redeeming qualities and is just overall quite bland. It also seems to add very little to any character’s stories and seems like it would turn people aware from the show quickly since it’s been placed so close to the start.


Rogue frame after the Kaminoan says “It is our only hope”

The last note the battle-droid makes whilst humming a tune is still heard. (I think???)

The cut after the medical droid on The Twilight talks is abrupt. It could use an extra shot sandwiched in to help the audio.

I think an actual error was made when you edited Plo Koon’s explanation of the weapon, he says “Leaving the target-” Then Ahsoka interrupts and says “I’m sorry” This didn’t seem intentional but more like an actual editing mistake. (I apologise if it wasn’t though)

Mixed up spatial audio when the fighters dock in the star destroyer right before the briefing. (I think???)

After somebody (Can’t remember who! 😄) says “Several medical transports…” there’s a rogue frame.

Missing spaceship engine audio when the Y-wings pass Obi Wan on the bridge.

Final thought:

Could any of these several audio issues be patched up using mixes taken directly from Smudger’s edits? I haven’t seen any of them yet so I wouldn’t know.

That’s all I have for now, but I have lots more input incoming! 😃 ❤️