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The Clone Wars: Refocused - A complete series edit inspired by the Mandalorian [RELEASED: 2/5 seasons + 3 bonus episodes]
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12-Jan-2021, 2:26 AM

Just watched Cloak of Darkness. Brilliant reincorporation of the “Republic double agent” bit from the first episode! As far as the opening text goes, I agree with some above comments that it feels a bit early for Anakin to be “pawning Ahsoka off” onto Luminara. Especially since, the last time they were together, they seemed to be getting along. Perhaps it could say something like, “While Anakin Skywalker escorts the Duchess of Mandalore, his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, has been assigned to assist Jedi Master Luminara Unduli in the blah blah blah”?

I also think the sound of the shuttle should be heard as it’s flying in the opening shot. Just some sort of sound effect to show that “The episode’s starting!!”

Really nitpicky, but some of the cringier lines could probably be trimmed a little bit more. For example, Ahsoka’s insistence on “Luminara has no idea what Ventress is capable of. NO. IDEA.” Maybe cut the second one, and tighten up the clip around it so that there’s no dead space? Or Ventress’s line about “Can you still use the Force if I sever your head?” This is just my opinion - no disrespect to anyone who likes those lines.

Maybe do a slower fade to black at the end.

A bit more serious, but I think it would be better to change the music credit in the end credits. Kevin Kiner composed the score, Samuel Kim just rearranged some of his pieces. It feels…I don’t know, inappropriate? Disrespectful? To give them equal billing when Kevin Kiner is the one who actually wrote the score. I would suggest putting simply “Score by Kevin Kiner,” and then on the next title card, “Original Star Wars themes by John Williams [skip a line] Additional arrangements by Samuel Kim”

Great job though! Can’t wait to watch the new releases!