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Chase Adams
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The Clone Wars: Refocused - A new holistic approach inspired by the Mandalorian [FOUR EPISODES RELEASED]
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11-Jan-2021, 11:16 AM

Wow. Just wow.

EddieDean, your creation of this project couldn’t have come at a better time. Just 2 days ago I made the decision to start chronologically rewatching the entirety of TCW after not having watched it all properly for a few years. After hearing the tragic news regarding Tom Kane my appreciation for the show was re-sparked and I desperately wanted to relive the talent he brought to the show.

After getting several episodes in I took a quick break to skim through in search of discussion about fan-editing the show since I had never really dug too deeply into any TCW fan-edits in the past.

I had noticed this thread being updated regularly for a couple months so I finally got around to reading the OP.

I was hooked by your ideas straight away and have spent roughly the last 3-4 hours reading every single post across all 25 pages to make sure I was caught up! 😄

I am now very deeply invested in the project and hope to contribute as much as I can to it! 😃

I have so much input I want to share but it’s currently 3am for me so I’ll have to jump back on here soon!

Until then, I ask you, please PM me any finished episodes, test clips, mixes or WIP things you have, I have no preference, whether it be you have to share for input, I’ll do my best to help! Even if it’s the littlest or silliest thing.

Other than work, I have nothing exciting going on at the moment for me, so I can be fully committed to help out if you need me to! I’d love to stay in the loop as well, I already have several little ideas based on the few test clips in this thread.

Keep up the amazing work mate! 👍 ❤️