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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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11-Jan-2021, 2:49 AM

Hal 9000 said:

Yeah. Anyway, here’s everything on my radar for V2:

  • Add Vader’s Castle to the opening Mustafar sequence (seems like it’ll be the work of 21C Peasant and Movies Remastered - ongoing)

  • Add two shots featuring Coruscant to the Star Destroyer conference room scene (thanks to Poppasketti)

  • Remove line “from the Southern shore” from 3PO’s translation, as that was when a protractor was involved, and now it’s merely a coordinate followed by mystical guidance (not super necessary, maybe)

  • Possibly remove Rey asking, “What?” when Finn formerly started saying he had something to tell her in the sinking fields (I forget who pointed this out - haven’t zoomed in to investigate for myself yet)

  • Possibly restructure the space battle opening slightly like DominicCobb, but I need to zoom in and consider it

  • Can Rey’s mother not mention her name? We all liked the idea that Rey named herself, per the X-wing helmet’s Aurabesh translation in TFA.

  • Use the crackly saber effect courtesy of kewlfish and Luka Frik

  • If it comes to fruition, use RogueLeader’s idea for Rey’s saber to fizzle out as Kylo gets the better of her during their duel on the DSII.

Sounds cool. Will you provide an alternate track without added KoR lines and added civil fleet lines as well ?