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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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10-Jan-2021, 6:49 PM

TestingOutTheTest said:

Is it possible to have Rey go to Naboo instead of Tatooine and set Anakin, Luke (yes, Luke’s green lightsaber) and Leia’s lightsabers beside or inside Padmé’s tomb? Setting the lightsabers beside or inside Padmé’s tomb would be symbolic of the Skywalker family finally getting to be together after death.

We don’t have footage of her tomb, so that would have to be created from scratch. We’d also have to colour-correct Rey to be in a dark tomb rather than a bright desert. And it would also raise the question of how does Rey even know who Padmé is? Luke and Leia never knew Padmé, though Leia knew of her ostensibly…

If any of this were possible, I feel like Ahch-To would’ve been a better place, as if she’s planting the seed of a new Jedi Order where the last Order had their first Jedi Temple. That would still be incredibly difficult, and potentially just as impossible.