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(The Force Awakens) The Legacy of Captain Han Solo | A Legends Cut [Workprint Released]
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10-Jan-2021, 5:50 PM
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10-Jan-2021, 5:51 PM
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Jimmy Chips said:

I really hope you can fix Luke’s arc in the next one because I disagree with it on almost every level. Rey just need to be depowered a bit in the first one to make her needing training feel more important and Kylo needed to feel intimidating throughout. Both of these you accomplished!

I’ll make a thread on my TLJ cut sometime this week and begin that process, but my plan for Luke is to reframe the reason he wants the Jedi to end. It’s not because he has become a failure, but because he has seen that the strict Jedi doctrine isn’t the right way to view the force and it keeps leading to fallen Jedi. Dooku, Vader, Kylo… All products of the failings of the Jedi religion. Luke will no longer have cut himself off from the force or have gone to Ach-To to die. Instead, he went to study the first Jedi temple and original texts (like Han says in TFA) to learn exactly what went wrong. As a result, Luke will be more powerful than you have ever seen him on screen 😉

TestingOutTheTest said:

Cut the mention of a garbage chute

I love how you remove this, it avoids the plot hole in The Last Jedi of Phasma somehow being there after being thrown into a trash compactor on a planet that promptly exploded after.

Oops, changelist should’ve said cut mention of the “trash compactor”, just fixed that in OP. I left the initial line about the garbage chute just so we know why Phasma is no longer in the film. There’s actually a comic that shows how she escapes in time.

Removed Finn saying, “Come get it!” and then charging at Kylo.

The point of that line is to show that Finn is no longer running away from the First Order, he is now willing to stand up to them.

Jimmy Chips said:

The problem with that line to me is Finn trying to sound tough and in this he gets wiped, so it would feel almost comical.

I think that’s a valid point, Testing. However, after further consideration I do agree with Jimmy that it doesn’t help his character, especially since I re-cut the fight to have Finn get destroyed even harder. I think this is really the one time in the film where we should actually see Finn showing more fear. So now it’s more of a blind rage charge since Kylo hurt Rey. Also, I made Kylo appear much stronger in my edit so I like the other characters being more afraid of him.