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Ed Slushie
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Unusual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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10-Jan-2021, 5:26 PM

ELAYEM said:

Has anyone thought about making Rey a padawan “abandoned” by her master? I’m asking that since I was thinking of a way that she could battle Kylo without the justification of her “downloading” Kylo’s training into her mind during the interrogation scene in TFA

The story I was imagining for her with the footage we already have would somewhat go like this:

-Rey is born in Jakku, as the daughter of two selfish jerks
-Her parents then sell Rey to a young woman, a Jedi
-The woman then proceeded to train Rey at a very young age (Rey’s parents on the other hand, already died)
-Years later, Rey’s master learns that Rey was targeted by the Sith and hids her on Jakku (We repurpose footage of Rey’s mother to depict this, while also cutting Rey’s father entirely)
-Rey is left behind by the woman and, blinded by the dark side, kills her master with the use of force lighting
-The traumatic experience is blocked from Rey’s mind and she probably misremembers her master as her true mother

All of this would be implied across the trilogy, with the plot twist in Episode IX being that Rey killed the only person that really cared for her until she met Finn and BB-8

Also, this would erase the feeling that Kylo’s lines in TLJ about Rey’s parents are being retconned in ROS (they would be actually expanded and fleshed out) and would give a better excuse about how Rey can fight (and win) against an experimented force user

Fascinating… I could see that working really well as a twist. The audience had always been made to assume the shot of Rey yelling at a spaceship to “come back” was referring to her parents… but if we found out it wasn’t (assuming you cut the line where Rey explicitly says “my parents were on that ship”) then it would be quite interesting.