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Info & Help Wanted: Mrs Doubtfire - Deleted Scenes & Extra Material
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10-Jan-2021, 1:18 AM

JDLC83BKNY said:

Dandy157 said:

The 2 disc family fun edition contained 18 deleted scenes with around 30 minutes of extra material. Wondering if anybody knows where each scene belongs to create an extended version of the movie or if an extended version already exists?

I did this while ago using all footage and the rare script, it only could be done with script.

Mrs. Doubtfire Extended Edition (MP4) making this the longest version anywhere, using all the deleted scenes and alternate shots. I was lucky enough to get the script and follow that and cut this movie from scratch. Now running 30 mins longer than the theatrical release and seeing how the movie should of been. Some minor trimming was done in a few spots in order to blend then new scenes best as possible and re-scoring in a few places.

I started to look into recently but couldn’t see where some of the deleted scenes go.