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The Harmy's Despecialized Edition Blu-ray covers for NJVC v.1 and v.1 BD-25 discs
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8-Jan-2021, 4:17 AM

I’d like to get these in pdf files. i.e. take the master file of these in your editing program and save it as a pdf in the highest quality setting. That way all of the elements would be preserved as I’d want to make a few tweeks. Like on that last cover, the “Star Wars” logo thing looks like the new sequel trilogy style. I’d redo it by having a regular Star Wars logo be normal and moved towards the top. And then below that “The Despecialized Trilogy”. And I’d remove that white box code thing on the back.

Is there anyway you could upload high quality pdf files of these with the text and graphics preserved for editing?

Just curious, what graphics program did you use? Might could instead also upload the master file of these in whatever program you used. I really do like these, but I’d like to make a few tweaks. Let me know.