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Peter Pan
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The Original Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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7-Jan-2021, 7:14 AM

Yesterday I had an idea with what and how to replace the second Death Star in ROTJ and TROS.
I came to by rewatching the clone wars episode on the Blue Shadow Virus.

So I thought about replacing the Death Star with Exegol and the Sith-Fleet, but instead of minideathstarcanons, these ship would be equipped with some sort of chemical weapon, that employs a toxin that only humans are immune to.
So Exegol would be retconned to be a giant gas planet neighboring coruscant and we would establish that hidden in its depths the emperor synthesized a toxin made from the blue haze and equipped the fleet with this.
Endor would be Exegol’s only moon and contain the shield generator that protects the research station.
Now the rebel plan would stay the same: Han, Leia, Chewie and Luke will send out to disable the shield so that the alliance can blow up the station. The station would contains the navigational systems for the Sith-Fleet, which would afterwards be swallowed by Exegol.

On top of that I would like to incorporate the civil fleet too, as it would really fit theme as do the Ewoks and the whole opening with Jabba’s palace, for they show us the colorful universe that Star Wars is and fight the Empire that seeks to conquer and destroy it and each of its inhabitants.

And in particular I personally like how this would add a different feel of a final stand to protect, as opposed to another Death Star, which always made me question on how long they’ll take to build the third one.
Enter TFA 😄