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Ed Slushie
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Help Wanted: Preserving trailer shots not in the movies
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3-Jan-2021, 2:02 PM
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3-Jan-2021, 3:08 PM
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Ed Slushie
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Every movie inevitably has shots, even whole scenes, get cut from it despite being shown in the trailers. However, aside from Rogue One, I haven’t seen anybody try to assemble a series of unused shots from a particular movie into one place. That’s why I’m creating this thread.

If anyone wants to post unused shots they found, compare & contrast alternate takes, or restore extended scenes using trailer footage, this is the place (unless a thread like this already exists, in which case please tell me so I can move there).

To kick things off, here’s an alternate take of the TROS crew in the Millennium Falcon, that I found split between two different trailers: