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Anakin Starkiller
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Unusual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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2-Jan-2021, 4:10 AM

I just had an idea: what if we found a way to make it look like Snoke was the one who smashed Kylo Ren’s helmet? He insults the helmet multiple times so it seems like something he would do, and then it would make Kylo reforging his helmet seem like he’s growing rather than regressing.

Please, of all the things the Sequels did, the helmet is handled perfectly. Don’t ruin it.

He is regressing though, he went from being the big bad in charge to Palpatine’s enforcer.

Eh, it was never quite a master and apprentice dynamic. Kylo was still standing on his own, he was just trying to gain power from Palpatine. He wasn’t really obeying his orders per say. The only thing he did for him was track down Rey, which could be described as little more than a sidequest. Din Djarin isn’t Cobb Vanth’s enforcer, is he?

Rey and Finn Vs Kylo Force Awakens (Fan Edit) ROUGH CUT edited by me

What did you change?

On a different note, while I never cared much for the Mary Sue accusations levied against Rey, there is actually one instance in TFA where I think it’s true, and that’s her breaking herself out of prison with a Jedi mind trick. Is there a way to make Han, Finn, and Chewy responsible for her escape? Maybe Phasma orders Rey be brought to her at gunpoint?