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Labyrinth of Evil: The Canon Edit - a novel fanedit (Released)
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1-Jan-2021, 6:51 AM
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Dark Empire I And IIs cut could be a nice idea as well. I know it d bea bit of canon soap opera with the Emperor returning as a clone again and again, BUT, it d add a lot to the story as well.

  1. it kinda would introduce the concept much earlier in the time line, and it d explain why they are not really surprised so much in IX that he came back 😄
  2. it d explore some darker traits of Lukes personality (explore more later in the VIII)
  3. it would explain some force powers the Emperor and Luke have in the sequel trilogy
  4. we d see more Jedi Leia, which would be coherent with IX
  5. some super weapon that we d see more developed in the sequel trilogy
  6. Luke as a jedi master 😉

And about making a Canon LOE version, I haven’t read “Ahsoka” but I think I ve heard there were some flashbacks to her encounter with Maul. Maybe you could just include that?
Or maybe just do a one big novel like Game of Thrones and use some parts of other Canon novels for eg. Some trimmed version of “Dark Disciple” as a Volume I, or some chapters of the Shadow Conspiracy novelization. I know it wouldn’t be one coherent story, but, you d end up with a huge Clone Wars canon chronicle.