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Fan edits of Star Wars novels : 'Labyrinth of Evil' edit released
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31-Dec-2020, 4:07 PM
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31-Dec-2020, 4:10 PM
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Actually I just realized that my response to a similar question from JKMaxx above was incorrect. I am actually planning to work on a edit of the ROTS novelization. Labyrinth of Evil and the ROTS novel are so similar thematically and stylistically that I just started to think of them as one long novel. And yeah, there will have to be some additional content to fit in canon/Filoni stuff. Like with the Labyrinth of Evil edit, I’ll try to keep the additional stuff to a minimum, but when it’s there, I’ll do my best to make it seem seamless.

As the Labyrinth edit was for my personal headcanon (which includes the Battle of Nelvaan, a Legends event), the Nelvaan subplot may seem a bit forced. It follows the official explanation on how to reconcile Nelvaan and the events of this novel, but if people find that portion distracting, I’ll remove it from future versions. All of the other additions (CW references and general references to canon content like Dark Disciple) are fairly seamless and “at home” with the rest of the novel, imo. I’ll have to reread it though and I welcome feedback.