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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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31-Dec-2020, 1:23 AM
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31-Dec-2020, 1:50 AM
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Not sure how we could imply it, but I think it would be cool if we could explain that the reason the Sith Fleet needs to be controlled by some kind of tower is because all of those ships are completely empty, and they need to be remotely controlled. Maybe we could redub that dumb line about harvesting the galaxy’s young to man the fleet. How are babies gonna man the fleet you are launching in less than 16 hours? Maybe we could redub him to say, “We’ll need to install a comm tower onto this ship to control the fleet remotely.”

This way, the only people the Resistance really kills are the people aboard the First Order Star Destroyer, and the TIE Fighter pilots. Also, I think it is a cleaner explanation, than them needing it to get through the nebula.

EDIT: And this might not be right for a mainstream edit, but I wonder if you could just extended Finn/Jannah’s mission, and cut out the bull with them wanting to destroy the command deck. Just have them disarm the navigation tower, and let the battle itself lead to the destruction of the Star Destroyer.

I mean, it is already weird. Finn and Jannah deactivate the navigation tower. They start running back to the transports, but then they turn around. Rose asks them where they are and tells them to leave without them (which makes my eyes roll, since this is sort of a spit in the face to their interaction at the Battle of Crait. Finn wants to sacrifice himself again and Rose is like “okay”) But then, during Palpatine’s speech to Rey, as they’re watching the Resistance be destroyed, it looks like Finn and Jannah are actually running back toward the transports. But then, next time we see them, they’re standing right next to the turbolaser they were hacking into when he had his convo with Rose. Idk, I guess it is nice for these ex-stormtroopers to have the opportunity to kill their former masters, but this sort of thematically contradicts Finn’s story in TLJ. But I guess if your preferred edit cuts all of that shit out, then it doesn’t matter.