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Yoda's line of "He is too old! Yes, too old to begin the training" ?...
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30-Dec-2020, 10:32 PM
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1-Jan-2021, 9:35 AM
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In the OT Yoda says “Too old! Yes, too old to begin the training.” I always thought this was brilliant scriptwriting. Yoda is obviously nervous about training Luke and trying to avoid it. He grasps at a series of less and less substantive excuses which Obi Wan deconstructs. His last effort is this silly excuse that has nothing to do with anything. I loved it, it was great characterization for Yoda and a wonderful scene.

But then the PT establishes that there was an official age by which to begin training and people were screened out all the time. Now in ESB Yoda is saving one of his best excuses for last. The new context ruined the scene for me. MAYBE I just misunderstood how it was meant, but if so, Yoda’s delivery is inconsistent with what he is talking about. This change (which wasn’t necessary at ALL. And would have saved us the little kids finding the lost planet in II) completely drained the life out of that scene.

Sorry, I just wanted to gripe and didn’t know where else to file it. It’s nice to have listeners.