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Info & Opinions Wanted: Choosing Between Various 4K Restorations
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30-Dec-2020, 5:37 PM
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30-Dec-2020, 8:47 PM
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I finally upgraded to 4K, and am trying to decide which versions of the Star Wars Trilogy to download. Hopefully this thread can also be a resource for others, so feel free to also post your related questions!

I have been reading about 4K77/80/83 DNR/noDNR and D+77/80/83, and that’s a lot of choices.

My general preferences: I prefer home video transfers that have a filmic look (as in, no need to turn O-neg and interpositive transfers into wax fests), but I also have no real desire to see a warts and all “what it would look like in the theater in 1977” look for these movies.

In the DNR vs noDNR of 4K77, the DNR is distractingly noisy for me. I think I’ll go with 4K77 DNR or D+77. Is there good info somewhere about what in D+77 wasn’t restored to theatrical? Any thoughts on what I should try first?

For Empire and Jedi, I don’t see any such comparison videos. I will probably go with 4K83 given how high marks it’s gotten, but how grainy really is the noDNR compared to the DNR? Is there a sample somewhere? Same for ESB, but also, what changes were left in D+80?

Thanks for your thoughts!