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The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] + Subtitles for season one!
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29-Dec-2020, 8:52 PM

Checking back on the project. I read through all the new developments. I gotta say you really are tackling this show with passion AND smarts. Here are my thoughts on some things:

The intro:
I like the text and how it flows with the logo. Regarding the music, I think you could explore something more neutral. Not every arc will be tragic or military and bombastic, or include Ahsoka. So making the intro sad, or epic, or include Ahsoka’s theme could make it not fit with the actual story of the episode. For this reason, your versions didn’t quite work for me, though they were pretty good. McFibb’s suggestion I think almost nails the tone, but I feel it’s too epic like others have pointed out. The part that plays on top of the intro text is great but then it rises too much. And maybe it’s too early for the order 66 theme.
I don’t want to only criticize so I’ll propose something. The beginning of “The Clones” from Kevin Kiner’s score I’ve always felt feels very iconic to the show. It has a military feel to it but isn’t overly epic. It could work well as a base for its simplicity. It could be like Mando’s “Ta duum”. With some mixing, one could make it more or less epic, melancholic, or whatever. I don’t have those skills though, sadly.

The outro:
I love it. Just one very little nick pick that may not even be important. The word “fan edit” could throw off the experience of newcomers getting into the show. We want them completely invested in the stories not asking “What’s edited?”. I’m not saying not to credit yourself, of course, but maybe later. And I’ve always liked seeing George Lucas’s name first right at the end of every episode. However, this is YOUR fan edit so that is up to you of course.

The episodes:
The New Padawan as the title fits really well and I don’t have anything else to add, your plan sounds good. I’ll want to check it out whenever you drop it. About The Death Watch, I like it for the same reasons as you. But they’re not the focus. The Mandalore Plot could be a good alternative. I don’t have any feedback on Cloak/Lair, I don’t remember them well.

That’s all the feedback I have now. Thank you Eddie.