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The Mandalorian Discussion Thread - * SPOILERS *
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29-Dec-2020, 6:35 PM

SandMTV said:

SandMTV said:

The process of Rosario evolving into Ahsoka are gone by steps:

  1. Rosario puts her hair up and puts the wig cap on but her ponytail is not covered.
  2. The artists apply white latex under Rosario’s eyes.
  3. The artists then put the white dome to cover Rosario’s ponytail.
  4. Brian then applies the rubbery piece onto her eyebrows and hair strands.
  5. Rosario’s face and neck are then painted orange.
  6. The buds are then placed into her ears.
  7. The artists place the plastic mask onto Rosario’s face so that the white tatoos can be airbrushed.
  8. The plastic mask is removed and the headpiece is then placed onto Rosario’s head.
  9. Her arms, hands, and rear were then painted orange.
  10. Rosario then puts on the blue contact lenses and her evolution is finished.

Have you ever read the process of Rosario turning into Ahsoka Tano?

No? I thought not. It’s not a process the moderators would tell you