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28-Dec-2020, 2:32 PM
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As a kid, TESB & ROTJ oscillated between being my favourite entry of the OT, with SW '77 my least favourite. Today TESB is firmly my favourite, my regard for SW '77 is much higher, and I hate ROTJ.

I liked TPM & AOTC as they were coming out, but even back then I knew something was off, though I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Once I saw ROTS, it all became clear to me. Today I absolutely loathe the prequels to the innermost core of my being. The good elements the PT fanboys all fawn over do nothing to improve them; they only serve as painful hints of what these films could’ve been under a competent filmmaker.

I didn’t like TFA from the get-go, but I desperately wanted to believe the ST would serve as the SW renaissance I had been yearning for for so long, so I gave it a pass, hoping TLJ would make up for its shortcomings. I watched the first forty-odd minutes of TLJ; I was bored, I was disheartened, I shut it off. I haven’t touched TROS in the slightest, and I won’t.

I loved R1 the first time I watched it, but my opinion has fallen with each subsequent viewing since. It’s still the best SW film since 1980.

Never watched Solo. I’ve considered it, as Emilia Clarke makes me horny, but my libido isn’t that strong (and it’s pretty goddamn strong).

I have little-to-no interest in The Mandalorian and any other spinoffs. Certainly not enough to pay to watch them.

My opinion on the Legends EU remains the same now as it did half a decade ago: 50-60% of it is garbage, but that remaining 40-50% I either adore or enjoy.

NuEU is insipid pap.