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Help: looking for... 'Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid' - HD version of Turner Preview?
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27-Dec-2020, 8:51 AM

I wouldn’t hold out much hope for a true HD screening of the Turner cut anytime soon.

According to Paul Seydors’ " The Authentic Death and Contentious Afterlife of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
The Untold Story of Peckinpah’s Last Western Film" (an essential read for any PG&BTK fan), when the 2005 DVD release was in the planning, Warners refused to stump up the money for a new master of the Turner cut.
He also claims his contribution to the project went unpaid. Such is the disdain Warners hold for this classic.

Unless Warners have a change of heart or they license this to some other company that will show it the love it deserves, we’re stuck with the same SD print that’s been circulating for the past 30+ years.

I actually wouldn’t mind seeing the theatrical cut in HD/proper aspect ratio. If anyone knows where it can be found, I’d appreciate a heads up.
I have the Pan/Scan MGM Laserdisc. It’s atrocious!