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Lucas the Barbarian
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Anyone else think Empire Strikes Back's Special Edition is actually better than the Theatrical Cut?
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24-Dec-2020, 4:09 PM

There are a few things in the SE that I like - full body shots of the Wampa, added shot of Slave I following the Falcon, extended sequence of the Falcon entering Cloud City, and especially the unbutchered music cues. However, I think there are more changes that do harm than good. The worst offender being the added scene where Vader boards the Executor (the interior of which by complete coincidence looks EXACTLY like the DSII that hasn’t been built yet). It completely ruins the pacing of what in the original version was a masterfully crafted climax to one of the greatest achievements in the history of American film.

So yeah, as much as I like some of the changes, the original will always reign supreme for me.