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B&W Japanese Star Wars Saga Adventure Serial (WiP)
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23-Dec-2020, 11:29 AM
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13-Apr-2021, 12:19 AM
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After being a SW fanedit follower for years and a lurker here on & off almost as long, I’ve decided to pull the trigger and make one of my own!

The approach I’ve settled on takes inspiration from:

  • The BLACKENED MANTLE prequel 3-in-1 edit that used a less straightforward editing approach with a Japanese dub & re-written (sometimes drastically) subtitles to recontextualize existing footage in meaningful ways,

  • The b&w FLASH GORDON adventure serials,

  • THE HIDDEN FORTRESS and other chanbara films, and oddly enough


Put all that in a pot to stew and you end up with a b&w Japanese-dubbed, English-subtitled SW serial spanning all three Skywalker eras that runs approximately 40 chapters of roughly 20-25 minutes each.

OVERALL GOALS: This project is trying to feed a few different birds with one scone:

  • Help me get more comfortable and fluent in Adobe Premiere.
  • See if I can solve some narrative challenges with making X amount of footage accomplish Y objective.
  • Make something as expansive yet self-contained as possible for my partner to watch & enjoy.
  • Put something out there that’s a little bit different.
  • Hopefully interact, collaborate, & learn from the super-talented folks on OT.
  • Not kill myself in the process!

STORY ORDER: For this serial I’m using 10 of the 11 films (so far, no SOLO) in something close to a Machete Order:

  • 1-5: ANH
  • 6-10: ESB
  • 11-16: a PT 3-in-1 heavily modeled after TBM
  • 17-21: ROTJ
  • 22+: a mix of TFA, TLJ, TROS, and R1 (with R1 not happening as a flashback but concurrent to the other material).

WHY THE WHOLE SAGA? It’s all Mon Mothma’s fault.

I wanted to use R1 footage in the ST era and while I could make everything else I wanted basically work, I kept tripping over her looking exactly the same in her single ROTJ scene an acknowledged 30 years earlier. How do I fix that? I make a canonical ROTJ without her in that scene.

And then the floodgates opened…

CRAWL?/NO CRAWL? No standard crawl, but each chapter will have a brief text piece bringing viewers up to speed for that episode.

RELEASES? Primary release will be episodic, but will probably do larger arc/film versions at some point soon after.

FORMAT: Aiming for 1080p b&w 5.1 Japanese AC3 mkv file initial release. Will probably do b&w AND color versions for larger compilations because if the editing works already been done, why the hell not?

SOURCES: The starting point for all of these edits are the R2 blu-rays & their 5.1 AC3 Japanese audio output except as noted below:

  • ANH: Adywan’s 1080p regrade
  • ESB: ESB-R upscale w/ pending JPN 5.1 audio sync
  • ROTJ: Destiny v1 restoration w/ 2.0 stereo audio pending JPN 5.1 sync
  • TPM: kk650 regrade
  • AOTC: kk650 regrade
  • ROTS: kk650 regrade
  • TFA: kk650 regrade
  • RONE: kk650 regrade

CONTINUITY: I’m setting my own continuity with this series but really tried to not deviate too far from at least the spirit of established SW lore for the most part.

I’m taking kind of a ROBOTECH-approach here with this material: taking three separate stories that share a lot of elements and rearranging it with some rewriting and changing context into something new. Yeah these stories are much more originally connected than ROBOTECH’s components, but you get the idea.

So I just ask that viewers try and take into account what I actually show or don’t show on screen in my versions when judging whether or not I’m making a continuity error.

If I have, say, Jimmy Smits from R1 interacting with Carrie Fisher from TLJ, as long as I don’t specifically identify him onscreen as Bail Organa and just have him as a fellow Senator or some random dude in a cape, then I don’t consider their being in the same scene a continuity error.

CHANGES: Without getting into specifics yet, I’ll throw out these random opinions I’m carrying into the start of this project as clues:

  • Building a nearly complete second Death Star in a few years when it took you almost 20 to build the first one makes no sense.
  • Repairing a damaged Death Star, on the other hand…
  • Between Leia, Rey, Jyn, Holdo, and the rest, it seems to me that women have to do the heavy lifting fixing the galaxy after the Battle of Endor.
  • The galaxy is a BIG place. Lots of people and planets and infrastructure and material that don’t immediately disappear because something bad happened in one spot on one end of it.
  • It’s much easier to use old things already on hand while you slowly make and replace them with new things than wait until you have everything you need all shiny & new.
  • From a certain point of view, you could tell someone Kylo Ren betrayed & murdered Ben Solo, if you felt guilty about your part in Ben turning to the dark side.
  • Rey & Jyn could almost be sisters.
  • What the hell was that blue energy shooting out of the shaft Palpatine took a header down? The stuff that washed completely over Vader & Vader’s helmet that wasn’t vaporized in the Death Star explosion?
  • Greedo never gets to shoot, just like Jabba never goes to Mos Eisley.
  • The Executor is always ready for Vader’s arrival.
  • I really wish there was a scene of Leia in the Senate.

HELP WANTED: I’ve already incorporated ideas from other fanedits, so you’ve all already been a huge help. (I’m thinking of having a text commentary track just to help point out in real-time where certain ideas or bits came from, in addition to listing names in the end credits) But I will more than likely be reaching out for feedback, tips, and possibly some FX/audio work as things progress. As much as I’m using this as a personal teaching opportunity, I’d be a Jabba-sized fool if I didn’t take advantage of the talent here!

Thanks for stopping by!