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Ahsoka Tano - discussion
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22-Dec-2020, 3:36 PM

With the Ahsoka show being a limited series, I was thinking that this may not be a full-fledged ‘Rebels sequel’ as people first thought when it was announced.

I wonder, since Dave Filoni suggested the story he is telling in Mando takes place prior to that epilogue and her ‘Ahsoka the White’ appearance, that maybe this show will delve into how she gets to that point? Perhaps that involves some kind of mystical force journey, a revelation about Anakin and his redemption… maybe something to do with the World Between Worlds (as the logo seems to suggest)?

I just think that the fact alone that the show is called Star Wars: Ahsoka suggests that this won’t be the Search for Ezra story primarily, but instead a personal journey for the character. I think it would be ambitious and really unique to have this spiritual journey to ‘Ahsoka the White’ be the show’s main premise from premiere to finale, that ends with her meeting Sabine and embarking on the search - prompting the actual Rebels sequel. What does everyone else think?