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The Mandalorian - a general discussion thread - * SPOILERS *
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20-Dec-2020, 3:30 AM

I also think it is possible to simultaneously love it and look at it critically.

With each episode, I always think the strengths and weaknesses of the plot, pacing, and characterization. It’s the same thing I do with anything I watch.

But at the same time, my inner child just loves seeing all of this. I watch every episode with my dad, and he is the type of Star Wars fan that loves it all. He grew up on the OT, I grew up with the PT and we shared that together, and we got to experience the ST both as adults. And while I caught myself being critical about certain aspects of all the movies, my dad rarely ever complains. He loves it all, and is just glad we are getting more Star Wars.

I look at the shows and movies critically because I love Star Wars and I want these stories to be as great as they possibly can be. But, I also love Star Wars for what it is. While the critical me thinks they could’ve handled Luke better (could he not even introduce himself?!), I would be lying if I said that me and my dad weren’t watching it and going, “IS THAT WHO WE THINK IT IS? ARE THEY REALLY DOING THIS??”

And then there’s mom, who is amused at her middle-aged husband and her grown-up son screaming at the TV like children.