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Knight of Kalee
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The Mandalorian - a general discussion thread - * SPOILERS *
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18-Dec-2020, 11:17 PM
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I’m so pumped by this series and what’s coming soon!

The effects and editing were a bit rough around the edges, but never anything too jarring. Even Luke’s de-aging got me totally clueless. For a moment I thought he was Sebastian Stan until I took a better look at his face.

They’ll definitely find a way for Grogu to survive, I refuse to believe he’ll be killed by the time of the ST. My personal theory is that could there be distinct parallel Jedi organizations or factions besides Luke’s one.

I was a bit confused by Bo-Katan’s motivations. She really seemed to grasp the idea that actual combat was needed to get the Darksaber, but the first time she claimed that weapon she didn’t earn it by defeating someone, it was voluntarily given to her by Sabine. Since Filoni is involved in all of this maybe we could get this addressed in the third season.

Also where was Axe Woves?

Ed Slushie said:

Back to the latest episode of Mando, was it just me, or has Ludwig Gorranson not used any of John Williams’ original motifs aside from the Force Theme?

A bit of Yoda’s theme appeared in “The Jedi” when Ahsoka mentioned Yoda. A variant of the March of the Resistance also played to represent the New Republic in chapters 10 and 12.

These, and Ahsoka’s Theme (not from Williams but from Kevin Kiner), seem to be the only motifs in the Mandalorian not to have been originally composed by Goransson.