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The NumeralJoker/MechaSalesman 4K HDR Edits Megathread, Clips Previews, and Release Info
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18-Dec-2020, 2:10 AM

tangelo1023 said:

Also enjoyed your ROTS immensely. Honestly could’ve sworn that it was a professional cut if it weren’t for the 2003 scenes. Imo, those stand out too much in tone and style to fit in properly with the Lucas/Filoni stuff. The two jumps to Coruscant also feel weird.

Your New Hope supercut was great too. Liked how natural the deleted scenes felt.

I did refine one of the transitions to Coruscant a bit in the latest edit if you’ve not seen it yet, but beyond that my hands are tied by what the source material allows me to do. I’ve experimented with several different transitions and the one you see in v3.0 works the best by far with what I’ve got.

Obviously, the 2003 series is going to be a jarring contrast to the rest of the content, and there are several versions of this cut out there by many editors that choose not to use it, but I felt strongly that an extended Battle of Coruscant was part of the story, particularly since its events get namedropped during the 3D arc, and also because I have vivid memories of watching the show before ROTS even came out. I expected Lucasfilm to reanimate those events in some way, but when Filoni and co chose not only to not animate it, but even reference the 2D series directly, I felt that I had to at least try to present a version where they were all one story. Heck, it was arguably one of my motives for doing the entire edit to begin with. I’ve trimmed bits and pieces here and there to make it flow a bit more coherently with canon, updated the Grievous voice to use Matthew Wood quotes, and other smaller details that some people might not even be aware of.

I’m glad you enjoyed the rest of it, and the Episode IV cut too. I hope you at least keep this in mind why I made the choices and I appreciate the rest of the feedback. If you haven’t seen it yet, go and grab the latest version of the Episode III too for future viewings if you wish.